My First Trampoline Review

My First Trampoline Review

Kids love to move around. Inside the house, kids jump off of furniture, run around corners, and crawl under tables and chairs. However, more kids are having sedentary lifestyles because of technology, so how do we make them more physically active?

One way to burn off kids’ energy or make them more physically fit is to buy them a trampoline. You might be surprised, because trampolines are generally used in competitions and exercise.

But did you know that they also have the shapes and sizes intended for kids? If you intend your trampoline purchase for your child, you might ask, “What trampoline size should I buy?”

Trampolines for kids, are generally about 12 feet off the ground, and are round in shape. The size depends on how much space you have available. They usually have a weight capacity of around 100 pounds, or enough to support the general weight of kids.

Some kiddie trampolines are enclosed with a safety net to prevent the kids from falling off. They have padded frames and metals to prevent injury.

Trampolines for kids are generally affordable, but high-quality trampolines made with very strong materials cost more than the mid-range trampolines. One good trampoline for kids is the My First Trampoline that offers both affordability and strength.

My First Trampoline Features

My First Trampoline is a highly-rated a 4.5-star kiddie trampoline. The features of the trampoline have resulted in the high ratings.

The My First Trampoline meets and even exceeds the ASTM safety standards. This means that the construction and materials pass their standards, making it a very sturdy trampoline. It remains stable and is safe for kids.

The My First Trampoline has a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds and measures 7 feet.

To give parents ease of mind, My First Trampoline is built with a visible safety enclosure. This enclosure prevents kids from falling off.

My First Trampoline is constructed with strong galvanized steel frame that resists rust. It is joined with molded plastic and steel tube legs. This build guarantees support and stability for the little jumpers.

My First Trampoline is also made with UV resistant rebounding mat and padding to ensure long lasting quality for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pros and con

Just like any other product, My First Trampoline has both pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons as shared by the users:


  • Safe metal parts
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fun
  • Really sturdy
  • Good quality
  • Worth the price
  • UV resistant enclosure and mat


  • Gets hot under the sun
  • Difficult to disassemble


You don’t have to spend that much in order to give your kids a sturdy trampoline. The My First Trampoline is good when it comes to construction and materials.

It ensures safety and is sturdily built for the little ones. The metal parts are all covered with foam and padding, and the enclosure net is see through to the inside of the trampoline.

Parents say that the My First Trampoline is both sturdy and fun. It gives them peace of mind that their kids are having safe fun. It is a great venue to burn their energy without worrying that they might fall off or get injured.

Looking at the factors to consider when buying a trampoline, the My First Trampoline has it all. No wonder more parents are buying it! It is a 4.5 star rated kiddie trampoline that is worth the price.


There are other kiddie trampolines that can be compared to the My First Trampoline. One of these is the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline.

Both trampolines provide a fun venue for kids to jump on. Both are intended for only one user and easy to assemble.

One significant difference is the size. The My First Trampoline is much larger than the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline. The My First Trampoline has a safety enclosure, while the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline just has a handlebar. Both trampolines can be set up indoors so that they can be used during winter.

The metals in My First Trampoline are covered with foam and padding to prevent injuries. The Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline has padding too, but the padding is prone to be a choking hazard.

This foam is not hardened, so kids are able to bite it off.

Both trampolines are affordable, but when it comes to safety, the My First Trampoline is better. Its mat and safety enclosure are UV resistant, so it lasts longer compared to other kiddie trampolines.

The My First Trampoline is a pretty good kiddie trampoline with all these features. No wonder it is one of the best-selling, high rated trampolines today!!

Worry no more about kids on trampolines getting hurt or injured! The My First Trampoline can handle it all, and provides the proper venue for burning off that kiddie energy.

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